Performance capability

Compared to similar concepts, the Strom-Boje is exceptionally powerful. First and foremost because of the large diffuser behind the rotor, which triples the flow at the wing tips compared to the natural flow, thus increasing the power compared to a freely rotating rotor.

In addition, our development engineers have designed a generator which, thanks to its design, offers an incredibly wide efficiency range and whose speed is always precisely adapted to the flow force generated by the electronics.

High yield                    

At project locations 

  • with 2m/s on average, about 190 MWha can be cultivated annually,
  • with 2.5m/s already 270 Mwha,
  • with 3.0m/s with 450 MWha                                                                         

360V, 50Hz base load current to the grid.                                                            

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